NousRandom -- Intelligent Randomness
Card Shuffler
No HTML suppresses sending HTML wrapper tags. The HTML tags enable proper display in a web browser. HTML codes are never used when the numbers are sent as a file.
Shuffles a standard 52 card deck with an option to include jokers and multiple decks. Results are returned as a text list with one card per line. The default is to return the entire shuffled deck. You can optionally choose to have just a specified number of cards dealt. The concept of this process is not to deal hands for a specific game but to properly shuffle the deck of cards for use by another application which deals the cards.
No Timestamp Disables sending a timestamp string as the first line.
Card Shuffler
Overrides How Many To Send
Send as Text File sends the numbers as a text file instead of sending as a web page.
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NousMind, NousCrypt, and NousRandom are trademarks of Scott Michael Doctor
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How Many Card Decks is how many sets of cards to include in the shuffle. Each deck has 52 cards with optional two joker cards.
Max number of decks is 256.
Include Jokers will include the black and red joker in each deck.
How Many To Send is the count of cards to be sent or dealt from the deck. Note that each GET or Refresh of the results page will cause the deck to shuffle. The intent is to return a shuffled deck of cards to an application which uses the cards.
Send All Cards sends all cards from the deck. This is the default as most application want all of the cards. overrides any value set in How Many To Send.
Each card is represented by 2 or 3 upper case letters and numbers which indicates its face value and its suit. The last letter indicates the suit. S-Spades, C-Clubs, H-Hearts, D-Diamonds. Face cards have a letter instead of a number indicating which face. J-Jack, Q-Queen, K-King, A-Ace. Jokers are represented by RJK and BJK reffering to the red and black joker respectively. All possible card codes are as follows:

2S 3S 4S 5S 6S 7S 8S 9S 10S JS QS KS AS
2C 3C 4C 5C 6C 7C 8C 9C 10C JC QC KC AC
2H 3H 4H 5H 6H 7H 8H 9H 10H JH QH KH AH
2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D JD QD KD AD