NousRandom -- Intelligent Randomness
API Details
Copyright 2016 Scott Michael Doctor
NousMind, NousCrypt, and NousRandom are trademarks of Scott Michael Doctor
Patents Pending
The website provides uniformly distributed random numbers with true 64-bit floating point resolution through an HTML5 web site and a direct access simple Application Program Interface (API). Additional functionality that utilizes the random numbers include a password creator, list scrambler, unique number lists, and some common recreational uses of random numbers. All of these operations are directly accessible though the API.

All operations are accessed with a single GET that has a query string with your desired options. The results are returned as text in a basic HTML page, plain text, or as a text file. No other operations or commands other than the single GET to access the API.

Access through the API is direct and anonymous, No registration, login, or identification  to access the API. Just a single URL query string. This is an ideal service for resource limited applications such as Internet of Things (IoT).

The internet connection to the API is through a secure HTTPS channel. Although HTTPS encrypts communication across the internet, I am working on an option for high security applications that uses a separate encryption of the results in addition to the HTTPS encryption. The double encryption service is not yet available, but will be soon.

Each of the API functions has a web form for creating a URL query string. Using the website forms to create an API URL is recommended. The forms offer all possible options and full syntax and range verification. When a form submit button is clicked, a new browser tab will open with the results, or a message if something is wrong with the request. Simply copy the URL of the results page for use in your application.

Each GET or web browser results page refresh will return a new set of results. Numbers are constantly being generated and are Never Reused.