NousRandom -- Intelligent Randomness
API Details
The debug Command
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To see how the API is interpreting the query string, a special unary command debug will return a complete URL string (without the debug command) showing the interpretation of the submitted query. For example, consider the empty API query string.

Copy that string into your web browser URL. The API will return a web page with a single random floating point number. The URL will show the URL as entered. Now place the debug command on the URL.

Copy that string into your web browser. Instead of a number, the API returns a complete URL string with the option values used by the API as shown below.;min=-1.0;max=1.0;cnt=1;scioff

Details about those options are explained in the section about Random Real Numbers.

If you manually create an API query string, use the debug command to see how the API is interpreting your query. You can copy the returned URL string and tweak as desired.