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Random Number Server
Uniform Distribution is a Free Web Service providing Uniform Distribution Random Numbers with 64-Bit Floating Point Resolution. The numbers pass All NIST Statistical Tests for Randomness.
The website uses only simple HTML5.
Access is Anonymous.
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The uniformly distributed numbers are generated and conditioned by a complex sequence of algorithms, which is described on the Theory & Statistics page. Each GET or refresh of the browser results page returns a new set of numbers. Numbers are purged after sending and are Never reused.
Applications can retrieve single numbers to large blocks of numbers in a variety of formats with a single URL Query. The API Details page has instructions, examples, and a complete command reference.
Questions, Comments, Suggestions, Requests, and such are always welcome. You can post a comment on the NousRandom Blog, or send Scott an Email.
The Site Map page has links to every page and topic on this website.
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Special Requests, such as very large blocks of numbers, specific distribution curves, custom file formats, security requirements... Send an Email to Scott with your needs.
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