NousRandom -- Intelligent Randomness
Lottery Numbers
First Set of Numbers
Second Set of Numbers
Set to 0 to disable second draw
Custom Lottery Number Picker
Minimum Value and Maximum Value sets the minimum and maximum value for each set of numbers. Maximum count per set is 1000.
How Many To Draw is how many numbers are selected for each ticket.
How Many Tickets is how many ticket sets to create. A ticket is a combination of the first and second draw.
No HTML suppresses sending HTML wrapper codes. The HTML codes enable proper display of the numbers on a web browser. HTML codes are never used when the numbers are sent as a file.
Send as Text File sends the numbers as a text file instead of sending as a web page.
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The Custom Lottery Number Picker has options for generating sets of random lottery numbers with full control over the settings. A lottery may have two sets of numbers, such as in the Powerball lottery where 5 or 6 numbers are chosen and a bonus Powerball number is selected. This is known as an Associated Draw. A Lottery Ticket is a combination of the first and second set of numbers.

Set the desired options, click the Generate Numbers button, and a blank page will open with your numbers. Refreshing the results page will create a new set of numbers.
Second Set is an extra number, or set of numbers, such as a bonus number such as a Powerball. If the lottery does not use a bonus number, then set the Draw count for the second set to 0. The second draw is independant of the first draw.
No Timestamp Disables sending a timestamp string as the first line of the numbers.
No Blank Lines Disables sending a blank line after every five tickets.