NousRandom -- Intelligent Randomness
Random Orthographic Passwords
How Many to Generate is how many different passwords to generate. After generating, look at them and see which one is most preferable. A page refresh of the results page will generate a new set. (Max 10,000)
Use All Numbers includes 0 to 9 randomly between the words.
Numbers Excluding 1 and 0 includes numbers 2-9 randomly. Avoids confusion with the letters l, I, and O.
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NousMind, NousCrypt, and NousRandom are trademarks of Scott Michael Doctor
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Symbol Set 1 randomly includes the symbols  ! # ( ) - . @ _   These symbols are defined as acceptable characters for use in ID's and passwords by the IBM Knowledge Center.
Symbol Sets 2-4 randomly includes the indicated symbols. These sets are derived from  examining the acceptable symbol characters from a large variety of login specifications to create universally acceptable sets. Be sure to check the requirements for the system you are accessing whether these symbols are acceptable.
No HTML suppresses sending HTML wrapper tags. HTML tags enable proper display in a web browser. HTML tags are never used when the numbers are sent as a file.
Send as Text File sends the numbers as a text file instead of sending as a web page.
Creates passwords by alternating consonants and vowel orthographies. The process starts with choosing a random length and whether to start with a vowel or consonant. If an orthography ends in a vowel then a consonant is chosen next, and vice versa. Below are the lists of the 90 consonant orthographies and 49 vowel orthographies.
! # ( ) - . @ _
- _
! # + - : _
Orthographic Passwords
Word Count is the number of words to create for each password. The maximum number of words is 64.
Minimum Syllables Per Word is the minimum number of syllables in a created word. The maximum value is 256. A Syllable is defined as a consonant/vowel pair.
Use Space a Between Words puts a single space between each word.
Capitalize Words makes the first character of each word upper case and the rest of the letters lower case.
Lower Case Words all letters will be lower case.
Upper Case Words all letters will be upper case.
Random Upper and Lower Case The case of each letter is randomly set.
No Numbers Disables selecting a random number between words.
No Symbols Disables selecting a random symbol between words
Maximum Syllables Per Word is the maximum number of syllables in a created word. The maximum value is 256. A Syllable is defined as a consonant/vowel pair.
Vowel Orthographies:
a, ae, ah, ai, al, ar, au, aw, ay, e, ea, ee, eg, eh, ei, eo, er, es, et, eu, ew, ey, i, ia, ic, ie, ig, ir, is, o, oa, oe, oi, oo, or, ot, ou, ow, oy, u, ua, ue, ui, uo, ur, ut, y, ye, yr
Consonant Orthographies:
b, bb, be, c, cc, ce, ch, ci, ck, cs, ct, cu, d, dd, de, dg, di, f, fe, ff, g, ge, gg, gh, gi, gn, gu, h, j, k, ke, kn, ks, l, ld, le, lf, lk, ll, lm, m, mb, me, mm, mp, n, nc, nd, ne, ng, nh, nn, p, pe, ph, pp, ps, pt, q, qu, r, re, rr, rt, s, sc, se, sh, si, ss, st, sw, t, te, th, ti, ts, tt, tw, v, ve, w, we, wh, wr, x, xe, z, ze, zi